Oxygen Use

Who Needs Oxygen?

Well, everyone needs oxygen. Sometimes people just need more oxygen than is provided with normal air, also called “Room Air.”

Who Qualifies for Oxygen?

Home oxygen can be provided with a prescription for anyone whose oxygen levels are less than 89% on room air. Sometimes we have to perform a Walk Test to see if your oxygen levels fall with exercise. Requirements for oxygen vary a little by insurance provider, so contact us if you have any questions. Oxygen will make almost anyone feel better, but unless you meet your insurance company’s requirements for low oxygen levels, insurance will not pay for your oxygen.

How many hours per day should I wear my oxygen?

As close to 24 hours per day is preferred if you have been shown to have low oxygen levels at rest or with exertion. If you are not willing to wear your oxygen for at least 15 hours per day, it is not likely worth the expense as there has been no proven benefit to protecting your vital organs if worn for less than 15 hours each day.